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The Pet Vault was born....

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Here at The Pet Vault we do things differently, we have a different approach to most pet stores, we really love all animals little and large, but we have a special place in our hearts for Man's best friend!

We believe dogs are really rather special indeed, and we hope you feel the same, you see dogs aren't like most animals, dogs have many amazing qualities most of which we barely notice.

At The Pet Vault we think dogs should get a lot more credit than they do, throughout history dogs have been there to look after us, protect us and help us out, from military and rescue dogs saving lives, guide dogs helping the blind, sniffer dogs protecting our airports, to social and service dogs helping our older generation enjoy life, dogs really do give us humans so much.

  Picture of army dog with owner in cammo - ThePetVault   Picture of Guide dog walking with owner - ThePetVault

Even all our wonderful and varied furry friends who have no job other than just being our family pet still devote their absolute everything to that task, without question without hesitation, dogs will give complete and unconditional love to their owners regardless of how much time or love we show back.

I bet every time you get home from work they are wagging their tail to say hello, that alone can make our days better, very few humans will greet you with such enthusiasm day in and day out, dogs never have a bad mood or fall out with you. 

As an owner you must remember, in return for all the love they give us, dogs need more than just a bowl of food and a bed, all day they long for our attention and our fuss, to your dog you aren't just its master, you are its best friend, its brother and sister, its mom and dad, its cousins, uncles and aunties, you are the whole world to them and that's a lot of responsibility.

Did you know the average dog spends a third of its life waiting for you, waiting for you to come home from the shops or from work, waiting for dinner or waiting for a simple stroke, although we all have busy lives these days, we feel its only fair to give something back, after all, they need something to keep them entertained while they wait, just as you would spoil a child with new toys, or treat a loved one to some new clothes, in exchange for all that devoted love we think dogs deserve something more than a £1 tennis ball or a cheap bed from the local discount store. 

Unfortunately most high street pet superstores and even many smaller shops are focused more on the profit to be made from a product than the actual quality of the items they sell.

Not only this but due to the lack of regulations regarding materials for pet products, many toys are being imported or made that include plastics which were banned in child's toys years ago and can be dangerous, for example did you know a common tennis ball is very abrasive to dogs teeth where as a pet specific one will not cause abrasions. To put it simply we are giving our dogs toys that are neither completely safe or value for money without realising it. 

The Pet Vault was born from our own personal experiences of buying expensive toys time and time again only to find our furry friends managed to turn them into tiny pieces in the time it took to make a cuppa, we eventually had enough and set about finding products that would really last and be safe for our beloved four legged friends.

After spending years researching and and testing products from lots of manufactures we finally discovered products we knew really were safe and good value for money.

Unlike most large pet stores, here at The Pet Vault we aren't out to make huge profits, or try to import cheap goods and sell them to you for a premium, we are a small, honest and friendly company that genuinely care about the dogs of this world and hope we can make their lives a little more enjoyable.

We regularly donate and support charities such as Birmingham Dogs Home and even made several large donations before making a penny, why? because we saw their little sad faces and knew we could help, that's just who we are!

Birmingham Dogs home certificate for donations from ThePetVault 2015   Birmingham Dogs Home Brick Showing The Pet Vault supporting B'ham dogs home  Birmingham Dogs Home certificate for donations from The Pet Vault 2016

At The Pet Vault you will find our collection of products are some of the highest quality available on the market, we regularly attend trade shows, keep in touch with manufactures and perform real world testing to ensure all our products meet our strict standards: we would not only be happy to give them to our own dogs but also recommend to our family and friends, and we consider you to be one of our friends.

Currently we have focused on products only for dogs, for which we constantly seek out new exciting products, hopefully soon to expand our range to include treats and food.

In the future expect to see products for various other pets including cats, fish, reptiles, rodents and small animals, as with our dog products this takes in-depth research and testing to be worthy of our recommendation.

We don't just look out for the little furry friends but also our fantastic customers, we currently have The Pet Vault loyalty scheme that really rewards you with points that add up to huge savings. Just another way we try to say thank you. As our store grows we can negotiate better prices from suppliers, and guess what, we pass them savings straight to you!

Create an account and enjoy discounts and voucher codes to help you save even more!

So please remember next time you look over and your four legged friend is snoozing away; They're not being lazy, they're simply tired from missing and loving you so much all day, and would really appreciate a gift to keep them entertained whilst they wait for you next time....


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