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Product Review: Planet Dog Zoom Flyer

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Product Review: Planet Dog Zoom Flyer

The Zoom Flyer is Planet Dog's answer to the classic Dog Frisbee toy. This has been a staple toy of Bongos' for some time, usually bought out for windy days or visits to the beach both in the UK and abroad.
Planet Dog Zoom Flyer Dog Frisbee Review

Made from the award winning Orbee Tuff material around the outer edge, giving it a easy grip softer rubber for your dog to bite and pick up. A tough plastic inner circle helps to keep it's shape, it's built to last and certainly has done just that.

Although I'm not the best thrower in the world, its aerodynamic edge seems to gracefully catch the wind with an impressive glide before crashing to earth, giving just enough time for Bongo to follow its line of flight and intercept, seemingly landing perfectly in his mouth.

Available in two sizes (Large 9½" diameter and Small 6½" diameter) to suit any size of dog, Bongo currently uses the smaller size and seems to find that more comfortable to run with.

Planet Dog Zoom Flyer Review bent in half         (Carrying it folded in half, but it always pops itself back into shape)

Priced at £15.99 for large and £10.99 for small, they aren't the cheapest dog Frisbee you'll find, but in bongos opinion, probably the best we have tried so far.

Lasting strong for over a year now, with plenty of teeth marks, scuffs and scratches, none of which effect the flight of the Zoom Flyer, the durability seems to make up for the cost. Overall making it good value compared to cheaper alternatives which would only last one beach trip.

Planet Dog Zoom Flyer Review (Well used and still going strong)

(Please note this is designed as a fetch toy and not a chew toy, all tests with bongo have been playing games of fetch, this is not suitable to be left with your dog as a chew toy only.)

The Zoom Flyer is a great alternative to a ball, for dogs who love to play games of chase and fetch, with it being buoyant and will happily float on the top of a wave / lake waiting to be collected by your canine companion.

For Playtime away from water the Zoom Flyer also performs well, it has a gentle mint scent which seemed to help it be hunted down by bongo when it lands in long grass due to a not so accurate throw.
Bongo Playing with Planet dog Zoom Flyer                                      (A favourite for windy and beach days)

Several colours are available, including a glow in the dark option which is a nice added touch for those who walk the dog in lower light conditions. made with Non-toxic, recyclable material you can rest easy knowing your dog is in safe hands.


Overall the Zoom Flyer by Planet Dog is a great Dog Frisbee and will last a long time despite being bent in half and thrown into the sea repeatedly, it always pops back into shape and ready for another throw.

Although the price is a little inflated over other cheaper sea-side toys for humans, its cleverly designed for dogs and works brilliantly at that.
Planet Dog Zoom Flyer Frisbee Scores:

Durability: Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon    4/5 Paws (Great for fetch but not a chew toy)

Enjoyability: Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon  4/5 Paws (Bongo loves chasing but limited to play options)

Safety: Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon  5/5 Paws (No small parts and Non-Toxic)

Value: Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon Dog Paw free icon  4/5 Paws (Expensive compared to human Frisbee, but lasts long)



Large Planet Dog Zoom Flyer

Small  Planet Dog Zoom Flyer

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