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Testing, Testing, One, Two, Snap…

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Testing, Testing, One, Two, Snap…

A question we often get asked is “Do we really test the products we sell?”

Well to put it simply, Yes!!

After Many years of dog ownership, we have spent well into the thousands on products to keep our beloved companions happy, many of which merely lasted minutes before going to the toy graveyard. This experience gave us a valuable insight into which companies and materials seemed to outlast others and most of all which ones we deemed as safe enough.

Bongo and harley testing a dog toy with tug of war game - the pet vault (Testing in progress)

Before launching our shop, we set about acquiring and testing all the products we intended to sell, sadly many of which never passed our tests and cannot be found within these pages as a result.

All our products are tested, there are three main test categories:

Items such as Beds and Mats are tested for;

  • Durability over time
  • Resistance to digging and tearing
  • Overall comfort/wear
  • Value for money

Items such as Collars, Leads and Harnesses are tested for;

  • Durability over time
  • Resistance to tears/cracks from lead pulling and jolting
  • Quality of materials and colours after repeated washing/use
  • Comfort and ease of adjustment.

By Far the most fun (for the dogs anyway) is the testing of toys, we test toys from various price ranges and manufacturers but all toys are put through their paces by our two testers;

Bongo: With seeming jaws of steel, he will attempt to bite the toy in half, or play tug of war until it snaps or tears, sometimes resorting to gnawing for hours until the toys gives in.

Harley: Is an expert at flailing and shaking like his life depends on it, he also has a habit of plucking and picking any toy with fabric to shreds within minutes.

These two little rascals have managed to destroy more toys than we dare count, but luckily there’s no need for you to have that expense, we test them so you don’t have to!

dog toys which failed testing - The Pet Vault (Toys that failed testing this week)

All our toys are graded on several factors.

  • Durability: If a toy lasts longer than 24hrs with our testers we consider this an achievement, we wouldn’t consider to sell any toy that lasts under two weeks of regular play.
  • Enjoyability: This is measured by how much fun they have playing with it, such as how often they return to that particular toy over others available.
  • Safety: This takes into consideration things such as labels, small parts and other design flaws which may present a risk if broken or pulled apart.
  • Value: This is simple, if it cost us £10 and lasts 2 mins we wouldn’t even consider selling it no matter how much fun they had destroying it, we expect toys to represent good value for a fair price.

As you can see, you’re in safe hands (and paws) with The Pet Vault

harley destoryed dog toy -  The Pet Vault

We test it so you don’t have to.

Look out for more in-depth individual product test reviews coming soon!!

To keep tails wagging, check out our collection of tested and approved Dog Toys

Love and Licks,

The Pet Vault

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