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With a combined experience over 50 years of Dog and pet ownership, along with a passion for all animals great and small we know a thing or two about pet products.

Here at The Pet Vault our current pack consists of two humans, two canines and various small animals,our den is based in the Midlands but we regularly attend shows around the country.

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Humans A & K do all the button pushing and bill payments but the real driving force behind The Pet Vault comes from our canine team:


 Picture of bongo dog sitting down on the hills - ThePetVault

Position:  Testing and Quality Control Manager

Breed:  Cross breed

Age: 7

Favorite treat:  Anything chewy

Specialist Skills:  High speed tail wagging, Destroying soft toys, Fetching balls, Hiding under blankets and Household tug of war champion.


 Picture of Harley in garden for our pack page - ThePetVault

Position:  Comfort and Flavour Control Manager

Breed:  Boston Terrier

Age:  6

Favorite treat:  Anything fish or cheese flavoured

Specialist Skills: Commando crawling, Plucking toys to death, Shaking toys to bits, Making a batman shadow, Wearing various outfits, Sunbathing.

As you can see you are in safe hands (and paws) so take a look around, and find something special for your furry friend.

Love and Licks,

The Pet Vault Pack 


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