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Build Your Own Bernese Mountain Dog Gift

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The Jekca Bernese Mountain Dog kit is the perfect gift for any Bernese owner, a modern 3D ornament made from specially designed building blocks.

Build your very own Bernese Mountain Dog with this Lego-inspired complete kit.

  • A unique gift for any Bernese lover.
  • Designed with locking pins to hold all parts firmly together.
  • Enjoy creating a 3D model of your favourite dog breed.
  • Includes full easy to follow instructions and parts.
  • Designed for adults and children 7+

    Available in Four poses: Standing, Sitting, Looking to Side,Tongue out

    Two sizes available in each pose:

    Standing: Small (22.1cm Tall), Medium (44.2cm Tall)

    Sitting: Small (28.7cm Tall), Medium (57.5cm Tall)

    Looking to Side: Small (25cm Tall), Medium (50cm Tall)

    Tongue out: Small (25cm Tall), Medium (50cm Tall)

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