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GoughNuts Maxx Black

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The GoughNut Maxx Black is possibly the toughest dog toy ever made!!

GoughNuts are Virtually Indestructible - Many companies claim it, GoughNuts guarantees it. GoughNuts toys have been designed by Mechanical and Polymer Engineers. Understanding the exact science behind a dogs jaw and relying on many years of experience in rubber technology has resulted in this virtually indestructible toy.

The GoughNut Maxx Black isn't for gentle chewers, this is designed as a super tough toy for playtime and training for the strongest most powerful jaws.

The Black Maxx recipe is the toughest Goughnuts produce making this possibly the toughest dog toy ever made.

Like its smaller brother the Original Black, this is Ideal for games of fetch at the park, beach or even in the water thanks to its buoyant nature, without the dangers caused by weaker toys.

The GoughNuts Maxx Black has the two layered safety technology included in every GoughNuts toy, where 'Red means Stop!'

The GoughNuts Maxx Black is used across the world for training purposes including many police and military dogs with high praise from dog trainers.

Made from GoughNuts strongest Maxx  Black recipe.The GoughNuts Maxx Black incorporates advanced carbon technology to enhance strength and durability. 

The GoughNuts Maxx Black bounces, floats, rolls and can easily be turned into a tug of war toy with a rope, its sure to become a playtime favourite for any pooch. A must for dogs where other "tough" toys just don't last.

The GoughNuts Maxx Black is guaranteed, as are all of the GoughNuts line of chew toys

They are well suited for Large - Extra Large dogs and breeds with powerful jaws, such as Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, Doberman, Mastiffs, Husky etc

Dimensions: 145mm Diameter and Height of 52mm

If the red indicator is showing we will replace the toy as described in our guarantee section. Always remember as with all GoughNuts, Please stop play at the red indicator. 

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