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Long Paws Dog Travel Water Bottle 500ml

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The Long Paws Dog Water Bottle is perfect for any dog walker, designed to keep your pooch hydrated and happy wherever you might be with no mess or fuss.

Packed with features like the patented floating ball in the nozzle which dispenses water as the dog licks, made from durable stainless steel and plastics made from a BPA free, food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene, making it safe for your dog and the environment.

It's easy to use; simply turn the dog water bottle upside down, the weight of the water stops the water from flowing out.  As your dog licks, it lifts the ball up and releases a flow of the water.

With a large opening  to refill it's easy to clean when needed, it can also fit whole ice cubes to keep the water cool during those hot summer days. The cap is connected to the dog bottle with a cord, so no losing or dropping it.

• Patented lick 'n flow design unlike other dog bottles.

• Free from BPA’s - made with food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene.

• Stainless steel bottle for extra durability and insulation. 

• Avoids water spills and prevents waste - perfect for car or travelling.

• Leak resistant caps to prevent any mess.

• Removable top spout making it easy to clean and refill.

• Karabiner clip attaches to your bag or belt for those long walks.

Available in four colours: Black, Silver, Paws or Friend design.

500ml Capacity (250ml or 750ml sizes available)