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Natural Scottish Whole Deer Antler Dog Chew

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These Natural Scottish Whole Deer Antler Dog Chews are perfect for all breeds of dog, they are completely natural, ethically sourced and cruelty free!

Packed with natural minerals, protein and calcium goodness for your hound, these antler chews are very long lasting and a personal favourite of our team.

These Whole Red Deer Dog Antler Chews are perfect for very keen chewers, including Puppies.


  • Small - Up to 50g - Approx 3 inches (7cm)
  • Medium - 50 to 100g - Approx 4 inches (10cm)
  • Large - 100 to 150g - Approx 5 inches (13cm)
  • X-Large - 150 to 200g - Approx 6 inches (16cm)
  • XX-Large - 200 to 250g - Approx 7 inches (19cm)
  • XXX-Large - 250g to 300g - Approx 8 inches (21cm)
  • XXXX-Large - 400g to 500g - Approx 9 inches (23cm)

All antlers are sold by weight to ensure every customer is treated fairly.

  • Naturally sourced in the Scottish Highlands
  • 100% Natural - nothing artificial, simply cut and cleaned without chemicals!
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • Cruelty free (they fall off a stag's head naturally)
  • Dogs absolutely love them
  • Very long lasting chew/toy

As these are 100% Natural Deer Antlers the exact weight, shape, colour and size will vary with each one, however they will always be within the size specifications listed above.